Why Do Veterans Make Good Franchise Owners?

Did you know that veterans make up 7% of the US population, but they account for 14% of all franchisees? Melissa Lewis, The Franchisologist (https://www.franchisologist.com/), discusses why veterans make good franchise owners.

There is a lot of correlation between the qualities of successful business owners and military veterans, such as:

️Veterans are used to being trained and following a specific process.
️They understand that sometimes you need to pivot on the plan.
️Veterans are hard workers and not afraid of discipline.
️They are comfortable being uncomfortable.

Franchisors provide the training and resources necessary to run the business, and military veterans have the discipline and determination to see it through.

Many veterans aren’t satisfied with just the status quo after finishing their service. They want to start second careers, continue to serve their communities, help fellow veterans, and get more out of their lives. Franchise ownership creates those opportunities.

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