MSP 5th Edition Bitesize Learning: The Three Lenses of MSP (Managing Successful Programmes)

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Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is an acclaimed program management methodology. It supports high-priority business objectives by breaking larger programs down into more manageable projects. At the same time, it also prioritizes organization, vision, stakeholder engagement, benefits realization, a tight focus on the ‘business case’, and more. Not only can MSP drive success for organizations across multiple industries, sectors, and locations, but it can also help professional project and program managers unlock incredible career and networking opportunities. Kickstart your MSP training today!

This video, taken from our MSP 5th Edition Foundation and Practitioner course, explains The Three Lenses of MSP in further detail. They consist of The Seven Principles, The Seven Themes and The Seven Processes.

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0:00 Intro
0:12 What does MSP offer?
0:36 MSP: The Seven Principles
01:19 MSP: The Seven Themes
01:37 MSP: The Seven Processes

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