Leveraging Managed Services for Clinical Asset Management and Cybersecurity


Join Ben Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Management, Ordr and Chris Falkner, Sr Director of IT/IS, Sodexo for this 60-minute webinar.

Healthcare providers rely on a wide range of network-connected medical devices to improve clinician productivity and patient care. But these medical devices aren’t always designed with security in mind, and often run outdated operating systems, leaving them increasingly susceptible to attacks that can put patients at risk. Healthcare organizations need to discover every device, identify those with vulnerabilities, and mitigate risks. A successful HTM cybersecurity program needs to combine technology with properly trained resources and clear processes. Bringing in a managed service provider to assist in your IoMT security objectives can accelerate progress toward risk reduction goals. We will discuss the strategy for clinical asset management and security. You will hear best practices on how to start a HTM cybersecurity program, and when to complement existing resources with managed services to accelerate the program.