How to Sell Cybersecurity Services Successfully to SMBs | Talk Show: Andra Hedden with David Powell

We love this previously recorded conversation between Marketopia’s Andra Hedden and veteran cybersecurity expert, David Powell, on our talk show!


About David Powell:

David Powell has over twenty years experience as an IT industry veteran, with the majority of his tenure in managed services. Named one of the “Top 250 People in Managed Services” by MSPmentor for over five years, Powell has worked for numerous Top 100 companies that rank in the MSPmentor 501 each year. Currently, David is the President at Prodoscore, a fast growing player in the software solution space. Previously, David was the Senior Vice President of Sales at Perch Security, which was acquired by Connectwise, who transitioned him into SVP of Expansion Sales. David also previously served as Chief Revenue Officer at Corsica Technologies where he was responsible for Sales, Marketing, and Client Success. Prior to Corsica, he was the GM of the Solution Provider Business unit at LogicMonitor. He came to LogicMonitor from TekLinks, where he helped transition the company from a traditional VAR to an integrated solution provider with a nationally recognized managed and cloud services portfolio, as evidenced when TekLinks received the Top MSP Award at the CRN SP500 Conference in 2012.

To learn more about David Powell ( ), visit his LinkedIn today.

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