Home Service Franchise Concept Opportunities [Kura Home Maintenance]

Home Service Franchise Concept Opportunities

If you’re feeling stuck in your office job, or if you’d always thought about running your own business but never knew where to start, buy a franchise. That’s Beau’s advice from today’s episode of the Investor Financing Podcast, where he interviews the CEO of Kura, a home maintenance and air duct cleaning franchise.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Daniel Felt came up with the idea for Kura and how he got the business off the ground and turned it into a franchise model. You’ll also hear how you can go about buying a franchise of Kura, including a detailed breakdown of the support that Kura offers and what your business numbers could look like one year in. Listen out for Beau’s tips on proper franchise due diligence, and to hear how Daniel keeps his business brain sharp.

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[1:37] Beau introduces Daniel onto the show
[2:24] Daniel explains the origin of his business name and how he came up with the idea for Kura
[5:00] What services and packages does Kura offer?
[7:42] How Daniel built Kura up into a franchise model business
[9:00] What skills and knowledge do you need to have to buy a Kura franchise?
[11:35] The process of buying and setting up a Kura franchise
[14:10] The roadmap for walking a customer through a price estimation and breaking down the math of the business model
[16:26] How do you market the Kura franchise? Through social media!
[17:38] Dividing up business territories
[18:50] The timeline of setting up your Kura franchise
[20:18] Covering your administration needs through contractors
[21:20] The launch budget you receive from Kura to get your franchise off the ground
[22:24] How do you go about hiring your maintenance staff?
[23:42] Beau’s thoughts on the Kura franchise
[25:02] What could your Kura franchise business look like one year in?
[25:47] Beau breaks down the process of franchise due diligence
[27:30] Where to go to find out more about Kura
[28:08] What Daniel does to keep his business brain sharp
[28:57] Beau’s closing thoughts on buying into a franchise as a business opportunity

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